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Current Resume Templates

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Why it’s called the “Current”

Looking for a fresh take on the resume template? Look no further. Our “Current” resume template is the perfect format for highlighting your background on one page for recruiters and hiring managers this year.

Stylized cubes in the heading immediately make this template stand out from others. And with aesthetic icons and diagonal elements to break up your information, it’s quickly clear to the reader this document isn’t something you whipped up on your favorite Word processor.

Why not add a little color and contemporary style to your application? Embrace some new-age flair — download and use the “Current” resume template and land that job you’ve got your eye on.

Who should use it?

The Current’s unique header gives off tech-industry energy, but could be used by anyone looking for a format that goes beyond the basics. If you’re a new grad putting together your first college graduate resume, for instance, this structure could be the detail that makes your application stand out from others.

Format and styling details:

Major Features

  • Cubic accent on the right-hand side of the header
  • Colorful icons to break up sections
  • Diagonal lines to break up contact details


  • Top – .5 cm
  • Bottom – 0 cm
  • Left – .5 cm
  • Right – .5 cm

Text Details

  • Font: Josefin Sans, Raleway
  • Name Font Size: 35 pt
  • Section Heading Font Size: 11 pt
  • Content Font Size: 10 pt


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